>Heroes: Obviously my expectations for this show were high. The first season had been exciting and I wanted more of that excitement. I didn’t get it. I’m not too worried about it, Heroes has earned my much coveted benefit of the doubt and although I felt the first episode was a little slow going, I think the writers were just doing a little setting up for the story that is going to be told.

How I Met Your Mother: Don’t worry, I know you didn’t listen to me when I told you to watch this show cause let’s face it, the ratings weren’t that good. But I’m not going to let that dismay me from this show. Especially one that is as smart and funny as this episode was. Obviously the highlight for me was Mandy Moore finally putting Barney in his place, I kinda hope she shows up again somewhere down the line.

Chuck: I only watched the first 15 minutes, but I liked it so far. Sarah Lancaster is pretty much cool in whatever she does, after all she was in Saved by the Bell: The New Class. I’m going to save this show for this weekend. Hopefully it’s a rainy one.

Cold Case: I have no idea why I watched this show Sunday night. I had only seen it once and while I thought it was OK, I wasn’t blown away. I was kinda confused about the whole Lilly getting shot in the season finale and then coming back to work 6 weeks later. Was there are point to this storyline. I mean sure she looked a little fragile, but is her getting shot going to eventually have a point? If this was 90210 she would take up a drug addiction to pain killers, that’s the least they could do.

Newport Harbour: I haven’t really talked about this show too much since it premiered a couple of weeks ago. Mostly because I find it very confusing. Am I the only ones that can’t tell the girls apart. Another reason why this show isn’t “must watch” for me is because these kids now know that it will give them the potential of being famous. The first season of Laguna Beach was so addictive because this kids were at least a little real, maybe even believable. But after that first virgin season the kids on the show were on the covers of magazines and getting roles in TV shows. They were hamming it up for the cameras and purposely making up drama, which is perfectly fine. It is Laguna Beach/Newport Harbour afterall, but could at least one of the girls die their hair?

The Hills: You know why Heidi and Spencer are still on this show? Because if they weren’t the audience might realize that Lauren is one lonely future-spinster. Every now and then we get a little drama like her and her now en-fianced ex-boyfriend Jason on the balcony, but for the most part we are subjected to boring and strained drama. This is MTVs most successful show so I doubt it is in any danger but with the main source of conflict of Lauren’s life trying on Wedding dresses across without her, I don’t really see the point.

Gossip Girl: I almost turned this show off, but then when faced with the prospect of maybe having a thought not distracted by a TV or watching the show, I chose watching the show. Let’s call a spade a spade, this is basically Cruel Intentions. Which is not a bad thing per se, but again we’ve already seen it. I’m sure this show, created by the creator of The OC, will have lots and twists and turns up his sleeve. I’ll again go for the ride, thanks to Kristen Bell, but it will be reserved for lonely Saturday nights.

Back to You: I laughed out loud once. Which is usually a bad thing, but given the sad state of the traditional sitcom it’s actually quite the accomplishment. Kudos to critics and entertainment secrets for keeping the big secret for the viewers to find out for themselves. I won’t tell you guys about it here, but it should be fun to watch where Frasier and the mom from Everybody loves Raymond go with their newest obstacles. Ahh the awkward father/daughter talks.

Survivor China: Did you know this was the 15th season of this show!!! I know I already brought it up, but I seriously can’t believe it. So far this show is same old same old, nothing too exciting, but this is the kinda show that doesn’t get too exciting until the teams merge, I’ll check back in around that time.

Still to come this week: Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, Bionic Woman, My Name is Earl.

Mike Morrison

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