Canada’s Next Top Model

Tonight marked the 2nd season premiere of Canada’s Next Top Model. Before I get into it, am I the only one who still chuckles every time they hear the title of the show? I don’t know I just find it very ironic, or is it an oxy-moron? Either way, we Canadian are lucky because then those silly ANTMers because we get Jay full time as his the host this year kicking last years host, Trisha Helfer, to the curb.

Now don’t me wrong, Jay makes for a good host, but you have to admit you were a little disturbed at how much he talked like Tyra. Seriously it was creepy.

I would also like to thank Canada’s Next Top Model by introducing bulimia and anorexia to thousands of Canadian girls by telling Jaqueline that she was a little too big for the competition, correction that she needed to tone down. Tooth Bleaching doctors every where thank you.

To Mika, the first to go home, I hate you. More specifically people like you. Why try out for a reality show if you don’t even want to be on it. As a guy who tries out for every show that you can imagine, I hate to think that someone is there and couldn’t care less. I’m glad your gone home, your daddy needs to have a chat with you.

So you think you can dance?

If you think I like TV, you should see my roommate tonight! Her two favorite shows are on the same night! I’m just happy to have someone to share the couch with!

SYTYCD is what I call guilt free television. You can watch it and just enjoy! I mean seriously if you’re a fan of dancing or not, who doesn’t like watching people dance around just a little bit!

And I defy anyone that can find anything funnier than the dancer that couldn’t stop hiccupping! Seriously, it was too funny! So was the Golden Inferno, but for different reasons.

My only request, Cat Deeley, will you please be my best friend?

Mike Morrison