One of my biggest regrets in life is never having watched True Blood.

Okay, maybe not in my entire life, but in my blog life, not watching True Blood ranks really really really high.
My reasons for not watching have been mostly because I’m a cheap son a bitch. I refuse to pay for HBO Canada, the DVDs are a bit too pricey and I’m not a fan of downloading shows.
So me and Sookie have never been officially introduced.
Luckily, for me and the three other people who have never seen the vampire series, True Blood is finally coming to a non-pay channel.
The SPACE network announced today that they’ll now be airing episodes of True Blood. The show, which stars Canadian Anna Paquin, will premiere on March 14th!
I already have made a note beside my TV to TIVO it. I pvr’d my pvr. I’m that excited.

Mike Morrison