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On Tuesday night, at the newly-renovated Contemporary Calgary museum, many of the stars of APTN’s new series Tribal, were on hand to celebrate the show’s premiere, which debuts this Thursday night. 

The hour-long crime drama tells the story as the Federal Justice department attempts to save political face under the mask of inclusion and collaboration as they take control of the Tribal Police Force that governs the four Indian Reserves that surround the city. Interim Tribal Chief Samantha Woodburn (Jessica Matten) attempts to overcome political red tape and must also prove herself amongst the old-white-boys club of the Metro Police.

And Calgarians have something extra special to celebrate, as much of the show was shot in and around the city.  While the show is really great, and offers some good twists, the fact that it features so many Calgary locations that are fun to spot, which makes the show even more special. 

The premiere featured many of the show’s cast and crew that worked on the series all celebrating Tribal. 

I’m really excited for you guys to see this show and hear what you think.  I think having a show like this, that shares modern first nations stories is incredibly important right now, and I’m so happy that APTN is airing Tribal. 

The first season of Tribal will premier on APTN, this Thursday  February 20th. 

Mike Morrison