I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I don’t really like Bed and Breakfasts…and I suspect that I’m not the only one. Here’s where it gets complicated. I like all the things Bed and Breakfasts have to offer. I like how it feels like you’re staying in someone’s home, I like the quaintness and I like how breakfast is made for you in the morning. So what’s not to like?

The talking.

When I picture B&Bs, I think about having to talk to whoever owns the house. We have to talk when you’re booking the room, then when you check in, then every time you walk by, again if you’re having supper there, then when you’re going to bed and then again in the morning.  It’s all too much. Sure, there’s lots of people who love of all that stuff. They love meeting new people and talking over wine or breakfast.

But then there’s times when you want to just really get away. It’s during those times that I really don’t want to talk to strangers.   That’s how I felt when I checked into the stunning Prairie Creek Inn and Lodge. Now, I know, my life isn’t that stressful, but it was one of those weekends when I really wanted to unplug and unwind.  So we drove up to West Central Alberta, near the town of Rocky Mountain House and found this gem of a B&B.

We’d been driving most of the day, stopping at any little vaguely interesting thing that got my attention, so by the time we pulled up, I was ready to just get to the room and settle in for the night.  Knowing it was a B&B, I was prepared and mustered up enough energy to have a conversation with the person at the front desk. We’d probably have to talk about our day, our lives, our cat, who knows!  I took a deep breath and walked in and do you know what greeted me?  A note. No person. Just a really cute note.  I was so happy.


From there we were left to discover the hotel to ourselves. .  The B&B is comprised and each of the rooms look like they have a wow factor. Ours was on the ground floor, but came with a fantastic walk out patio. It was build like a solid wood cabin and you wouldn’t even know that you were in a building with other guests.  I think solid is the best word I can use to describe.  It was always warm, comfortable and instantly relaxing.

I have to say, I think my favourite part about this place was on their website, when you click on The Area, you’re given a list of things to do in and around the hotel. They include: Basking in the warm sunlight, listening to the bubbling creek nearby, sleeping in, cuddling up by the fireplace, immersing yourself in a good book, sipping a delectable glass of wine at any time of the day, slow dancing to smooth jazz tunes, taking afternoon naps, eating breakfast on the deck in your bathrobe and lathering yourself with bubbles in the huge soaker tub.


I thought this sounded like a great “To Do List” because too often when you go to visit somewhere, no matter the hotel, you feel a ton of pressure to get out and explore and at the Prairie Creek Inn, there’s nothing to do but relax.  Actually, they don’t even serve breakfast until 9am, so you’re sort of forced to sleep in. I loved in.

Our last day that we were there, I decided to have a quick conversation with one of the owners. I told her how much we liked all their notes and it made us feel like we could really relax without any pressure and she said, that’s why they do the notes instead.  People are there to relax, not make new best friends. They want to be as inconspicuous as possible and just really get away from it all. It felt good to hear that because it meant that I wasn’t alone in my need to travel and still be a bit of an introvert.

Sort of halfway between Calgary and Edmonton, The Prairie Creek Inn might be the best chance you’ll ever have to get away from it all.  If you’re like me and tempted by the need to do anything and everything, sometimes the best thing to do is surround yourself with a whole lot of nothing. Well, nothing but a luxurious place to spend the weekend.



IMG_7204Thanks to a two-night minimum, we got treated to two delicious breakfasts.

IMG_8604One of my favourite hotel rooms I’ve ever stayed at.

Mike Morrison