I think a lot of people think of Calgary has just oil, gas and the Stampede. And I’ll be honest, it mostly is. But, the part that isn’t oil, gas and Stampede is pretty freaking awesome too!

I first heard about the “Whatcha Got, Calgary” a few months ago when they were looking for 20 Calgary directors to put together a short film anthology about Calgary.  Truthfully, my first thought was “Does Calgary have twenty directors?”  Yes, even for a second, I had forgotten just how many pockets of awesome exist in this city. The directors came out in spades and now the anthology is almost ready for public conception. The guys behind the project just released their first trailer for “Whatcha Got, Calgary” and I’m already so intrigued!

The film will feature twenty short films by twenty local directors, themes in the anthology range from “Love” to “Work” and everything in between. The film will premiere on Sept. 5 at the Globe Cinema and tickets are available for $10 at http://whatchagotcalgary.bigcartel.com/

I’m so excited to see this film and hope it’s the first of may films about Calgary directed by Calgarians. I can’t think of a better way to showcase all the amazing talent that exists in this city…even if we don’t know about it!

Mike Morrison