Hollywood is a funny place. No I’m not talking about the fact that they haven’t figured out that Jessica Alba and Penelope Cruz will never be in a successful movie, I’m talking about the kind of Hollywood that opens Saw V against High School Musical 3.
Could they pit two more opposite movies against each other? I mean they are going to draw completely different audiences, audiences that would usually beat eachother up behind a middle school if given the opportunity.

Which is why I’m torn.

I’ve never missed a SAW movie, they aren’t great, but I’ve always seemed to enjoy them, plus they always come up with some pretty crazy twists that you never really see coming, even if by the end of it you never remember who is good or bad or even what the hell is going on.

High School Musical 3 is a different story. I’m not a fan of those movies, my friend Sarah made me watch them a while ago and I’ve sorta felt like part of my soul died and I’ll never get it back ever since. But after a very stressful week, it might just be the thing to get me out of my sweatpants and shower. I honestly think I would be miserable for the entire thing but sorta in that masochist sorta way. Which I guess brings me back to Saw.

If only they could combine the two. That would be the best $13 ever spent.

Mike Morrison