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A week after a guy from Brooklyn, Nick Johnson, beat Pokemon Go (collecting all 142 Pokemon – and losing 8 pounds in the process) a Canadian has followed suit!

CBC reported today that a Toronto photographer, Roberto Vazquez captured all 142 Pokemon – becoming Canada’s first known person* to spend so much time playing the game that he beat it and lost 25 pounds in the process.
The game was released in the US 11 days before it was released in Canada, so it is possible that Roberto would have beat the game before Nick, but it is unknown if he was one of the hundreds of Canadians who didn’t wait for the Canadian release and downloaded it early.

In his interview with the CBC, Roberto gives a detailed account of his journey to collect all of the Pokemon, his favourite catches and what he is going to do now that he has beat the game. He says that he is going to start again, which really does show the addictiveness of the app.

The game has only been out for less than a month and already people across the globe have beaten it. This really does beg the question – is Pokemon Go here to stay?

Sure, the people who are not as dedicated to the game as Nick and Roberto will probably still be playing it for a while, but for those people who beat it and don’t want to pull a Roberto and start again – are they retired customers? There will need to be frequent evolutions of the game if Niantic/Nintendo want to keep their hold on this piece of the market.

I for one, like the fact that this game is getting people outside – with proven weight loss results! Sure, some people have been hit by cars, fallen off cliffs and have trespassed in every location known to man, – but I’m pretty sure those people get hit by cars, fall off cliffs and do stupid illegal things in other areas of their life as well. Pokemon Go cannot be held responsible for stupid. Also, they have just updated the app to tell people to not trespass etc. while playing the game.

*It is possible that someone else in Canada beat Pokemon Go before Roberto. If it was you, congratulations!

Written by Mike’s Bloggity Blog contributer Jes Fralick. 

Mike Morrison