>So as I began my second day of my time in Toronto, I had one goal in mind. Get up at a reasonable time and check out some cool neighborhoods. Unfortunately that plan was put on hold by the walked that I was simply exhausted and spent the morning on my friend’s ridiculously comfortable couch watching the never before seen Disturbia. That is the Shia Leboeuf movie that came out last year and was a huge hit.

It had been on my radar but I refused to pay any money to see it. Luckily my friends have the movie channels and it didn’t cost me a penny. The movie was silly and full of holes, but it was also enjoyed on the aforementioned couch so I didn’t mind a single bit.

Finally after lunch, I wanted to check out my future place of employment, the MTV Studios in the heart of Toronto. My friend Jeremy asked: “So do you want to go in? Or just walk by?” I wanted to just walk by like it was some sort of potential hook up at a bar. You know, scope out the scene. See what they were about, see if I’d call them in the morning.

Outside of the studio, one of my favorite MTV personalities Aliya-Jasmine walked by. Not that I freaked out or anything, but I ‘ve always said that I really respect the MTV personalities because for the most part they perfectly blend the world of news and entertainment nearly perfectly and for that they have my full respect! I actually met her years ago at my unsuccesful audition for the MuchMusic VJ search competition, so I wanted to say hello, but alas I chickened out and instead kept on my merry way. I figured we’d have plenty of time to hang out once we are working together.

Jeremy and I continued our adventures through Toronto eventually meeting up with some ol’ friends from high school (hi Ted and Chantelle!) and had a great time closing Steamwhistle Brewery and then playing in my favorite neighborhood in Toronto called the Annex.

My trip has been really amazing so far. Writing/career wise I haven’t been pursuing too much stuff, but I have gotten a lot of ideas to work with and I think I am going to simply enjoy the next couple of days with some great friends.

On my radar for the next couple of days is checking two musicals: Avenue Q and Evil Dead: The Musical! It sounds absolutely absurd but any torontonian swears by how amazing the musical about singing zombies is! So I obviously have to be there.

More updates to come!

Mike Morrison