Oh Vancouver and Toronto, what did you do!?!

On Tuesday night both cities will be hosting advance screenings of Paranormal Activity 3 after “winning” an online contest, why people getting to see this terrifying movie early can be classified as winning is beyond me.

It was all a part of the “Tweet to See It First” campaign, where city’s that tweeted the most about wanting to see the third movie in the franchise, got to see a screening two nights before the rest of the world. Depending on who you ask, Toronto and Vancouver are the lucky Canadian cities to win.

If you’re in either of these cities and you’re a glutton for punishment, then you have to RSVP your seat for Tuesday night’s screening. To RSVP visit the official site at www.ParanormalMovie.com. 

 I wish there was a way to tweet to not have this movie come to you’re city, it looks way to scary for my liking.



Mike Morrison