A month hasn’t gone by in the past year where we haven’t been in some sort of political frenzy. Currently, we are all watching the greatest and most terrifying reality show on earth – the American election process. For those of you who like politics and drama, but don’t want to watch it in a real life scale, this list is for you.

Here are the top five shows featuring politics on the tube today that you should be watching!

Veep (HBO)

VEEP episode 19 (season 3, episode 1): Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sam Richardson. photo: Paul Schiraldi

So you know how the year’s presidential race in the States is a bit of a joke? Well that’s basically what fans of Veep have been enjoying for years. It’s one of those shows that I have to watch live and then watch almost immediately afterwards again to catch all the jokes I missed the first time. There’s a reason Julia Louis-Dreyfus keeps winning awards for this show, it’s comedic perfection.

Limitless (Global TV)


Based on the movie with the same name, this one has shallow ties to politics, but it’s the undercurrent of the whole series. PLUS Bradley Cooper reprises his role every once in a while playing his character from the movie who is now a senator who will eventually run for president – thus the political connection.

The Family (CTV)

THE FAMILY - "The Family" stars Joan Allen as Claire, Allison Pill as Willa, Margot Bingham as Sergeant Nina Meyer, Zach Gilford as Danny, Liam James as Adam, Floriana Lima as Bridey, Madeleine Arthur as Young Willa, Rarmian Newton as Young Danny, Rupert Graves as John and Andrew McCarthy as Hank. (ABC/Bob D'Amico) ALISON PILL, RUPERT GRAVES, JOAN ALLEN, ZACH GILFORD, LIAM JAMES

The Family is a brand new show (only a few episodes in) about a Mayor who decides to run for governor after her son (who has been missing for ten years) suddenly returns. The whole thing seems shady, which makes it even that much more interesting to watch.

Madam Secretary (Global TV)

Téa Leoni stras as Elizabeth McCord in the new CBS drama "Madam Secretary," premiering Sunday, September 21 at 8:00 PM ET/PT.
“My mom loves that show.” Is generally what I hear when I tell people that Madam Secretary is one of the best shows on TV. “Great, your mom and I should get together, drink wine and watch Elizabeth McCord (played by Tea Leoni, who is amazing!) run the world as Secretary of State!” It’s a little less dramatic than most of the political dramas on TV. Sure, it’s no West Wing, but it’s up there.

The Daily Show (Comedy Network)


If you’re trying to make sense of this increasingly strange political world we find ourselves in, one of the safest bets is The Daily Show. I have to say, Trevor Noah, who started as the new host a few months ago, has really started to find his place. It’s nearly impossible to follow up Jon Stewart, but Noah is doing it well, thanks to strong writers and a stronger supporting cast.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians (E!)


Just kidding. Aside from the interfamily politics of who is currently in charge in the Kardashian clan, this show is not one for the politically inclined! If reality TV is not your thing, why pay for it? With Optik® Theme Packs, because they are smaller and more relevant, you pay for the channels you actually want to watch and get less of the ones you don’t.

Mike Morrison