Itunes has just released their list of the most popular downloaded seasons of television for 2009, and I’m so happy to see that three Canadian shows made the Top Ten. Let’s all be honest and admit that that probably would not have happened two years ago.

The Top Ten list is as follows:
#1: Mad Med (I’m swear I’m going to watch it some day)
#2: Glee (Remember when you all thought this show was going to be stupid!?)
#3 Being Erica (I kinda want to take credit for this one.)
#4 House (Never seen it, never will.)
#5 Family Guy (I assume my cousins are responsible for this one.)
#6 Grey’s Anatomy (Don’t tell Heigl, she’ll be pissed.)
#7 Entourage (Really? Who still watches this!?)
#8 The Tudors (it’s sorta complicated, but yes, this is a Canadian show!)
#9 The Vampire Diaries (congrats to Canadian Nina Dobrev!)
#10 Flashpoint (I thought this would be higher. I guess seniors don’t use Itunes.)

Mike Morrison