Okay, let’s break this down for you:

Great news: Top Chef Canada season 2 returns to the Food Network on March 12th, 2012!

Bad news: Season 1’s original host Thea Andrews (who I LOVED) is out!

Good news: It’s cause she had a baby.

Wait and see news:  The show’s new host is actress, model, host and philanthropist Lisa Ray.  Movie fans will recognize her from Water and Bollywood Hollywood.  She seems cool, but I LOVED me some Thea Andrews, so lets just settle with that I’m cautiously optimistic about the new host.

Dangerous news:  The winner of season 2 will take home a GE Monogram kitchen worth $30,000.  For the first season I made a drinking game out of how many times Andrews reminded us who was the show’s sponsor and I ended up getting alcohol poisoning from every single episode from the season.

Most important news: Top Chef Canada 2 is only a few months away! This is the best Canadian reality show on TV right now, so I can’t wait to see who the new contestants are!

Mike Morrison


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