This week, all of the Canadian networks are announcing their new fall seasons, which, because we live in Canada, sound a lot like the American fall seasons. But that’s nothing new. What is new from the announcements is that after four great seasons, Food Network Canada is not ordering another sample of Top Chef Canada.

That’s right!
Top Chef Canada’s goose’s is cooked!
Top Chef Canada is well, done!
Top Chef Canada is…um..I’m out of puns, it’s canceled, okay?

I just got word from the network that the show is indeed canceled, which is pretty crummy, but if I was forced to immediately think of the positive, the show’s cancelation means we’ll never have to hear the words GE Monogram Kitchen again!

At least not for a while, because while show Top Chef Canada is canceled, it doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of the franchise. The American edition has spun off into a variety of shows including: Top Chef: Masters, Top Chef: Just Desserts, Top Chef Junior and the just announced Top Chef: Duels.

It’d be great to see a variation of the show return at some point, because it’s undeniable how much of an effect the show has had on the culinary scene in Canada. In almost city, the chefs have opened restaurants, food trucks and become stars in their own right. Especially here in Calgary.

It also be good just because it was just a really good show. The contestants were always great, the challenges creative (the palate test was the best!) and sometimes yes, the dishes were disastrous, but it was such fun to watch. I remember a few years ago, I got to be at the taping of the Calgary finale and the food was so good. I still think about it daily.

Thanks for the memories Top Chef Canada! You’ll be missed!

Mike Morrison


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