Okay, I screwed up.

Late last week, I got sent to me the press release for Calgary’s Top 40 under Top 40. I foolishly and selfishly scanned the list for my name, hoping that someone/anyone had gotten the numerous strong hints I had dropped months earlier.
Apparently no one did. (No gift for you this year mom.)
The recognition program, which is presented by Avenue Magazine, presents the area’s best leaders in business, politics, arts, design, technology, not-for-profit, medicine, law, education, sport and culture. How did I not get this? I know people who do each of those for a living?! Is that not enough?!
Sigh. Apparently teaching people about which television shows are crap and featuring Canadian music in a blog laced with grammatical errors, is not enough for these people. I’m also guessing it had something to do with my lack of community involvement, to which I say, there are too many communities to choose from. If I picked one, the others would feel left out. So by not helping any, I’m probably making more people happy.
I have secretly convinced myself that I was number 41.
Double Sigh.
You can go to Avenue’s website to read the full list, but definite props go to fellow blogger DJ Kelly, who won the much-deserved honour.
I have thirteen years to make this happen.

Mike Morrison