Look, I’m just going to be honest: Subtlety has never been my strong point.  Like ever.   So please remember this when you read this blog post.  Yes, I’m writing it because I think it’s something you should know about but I’m also blogging about it in the hopes that someone, somewhere will take the hint. (Yes, even you mom.)


There is just over a month left to get your submissions in for Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 under 40! 53 days to be exact.  That’s right, only 53 days to nominate someone, anyone, perhaps even the person that wrote this blog post!  Imagine that?!

Looking over the past few winners, sure there are lots of politicians, innovators, doctors, lawyers and philanthropists but as far as I can tell, not a single blogger.  Any blogger.  Not a single one.

Shameless enough for you?

No, but seriously folks, this is one of the highest honours any Calgarian can get, so if you know someone that qualifies, you should definitely take a few minutes to make sure they get nominated. Winners get a photo shoot, a fancy party and city-wide recognition for their hard work!

Click here to nominate a deserving Calgarian.

For the record, I have at least eleven more years to qualify but what fun is that?  Plus, I’ve been aching to have a photoshoot, I’ve never had one before and Brett Wilson makes them look so fun!

Mike Morrison