If you haven’t been watching American Idol this season, you are in luck. Because it’s been pretty boring so far. What’s been frustrating me so far this season is that the decisions seem to be unanimous. They are either amazing singers or they suck worse than Brooke Hogan. The judges haven’t actually had to do any judging this season at all so far.

But tonight begins the best part of American Idol, Hollywood Week. And even though the producers had cut it down to an episode and a half last season, this year they are stretching it out over two weeks, which is fantastic. Gone are the horrible singers and attention whores. (sorry for the 2nd brooke hogan reference) Now we just get the really good singers with the added bonus of watching them become bad singers!

I mean when in the real world would a singer ever have to learn a completely new song, acapella, with four other people, plus dance moves in less than a day, all on 2 hours of sleep. I get that it is supposed to be hard but come on. Not that I’m complaining, it makes for the best episodes of every season!

If you can’t wait to see who makes the Top 32, you don’t have to, since it’s already been leaked on Vote fore the Worst. I haven’t looked at the list, I want to fully enjoy the episodes. But if you want, you go right ahead!

Mike Morrison