>Am I the only one to notice that Natasha Bedingfield is everywhere now a days? And for a girl who isn’t that much of a huge star, I find it quite amusing that her “team” of people are able to sell an artist who, without a doubt, could not sell out a stadium.

I do like Natasha (both the singer and my sister), I’ve liked that Pocket Full of Sunshine song ever since the The Hills season finale when it played as Lauren and Whitney went to Paris. She is a talented single, but she has never had a #1 single in either Canada or the States and her 3rd CD, Pocket Full of Sunshine, fell from #3 to 53 in 3 weeks.
Success or not you would have had to be living under a rock the past 6 months to not have seen her somewhere. And while I am not necessarily complaining I have to ask: Can someone who is underwhelming in the sales be overexposed in life?

Places where you have seen/will see Natasha in 2008:
-American Idol results show
-The Bachelorette
-Calgary Stampede Coke Stage (July 11th)
-The Hills theme song
-Every Pantene commercial
-The Degrassi:TNG season finale (this monday!)
And it’s only June.
(Also, I love that if you go to her myspace page it is says she is playing in Edmonton and Calgary, ALABAMA!!! Here is hoping she actually shows up!)

Mike Morrison