>It’s only been a couple of days since Kelly Clarkson’s newest came out and since my co-workers have effectively banned me from continuing to listen to the CD in my office, I realized that I’m probably listening to it a tad too much.

No such thing right?
Yeah, that’s why I thought.
I decided to check out how many times I’ve listen to Kelly and the numbers are wee bit disturbing.
Since getting All I Ever Wanted last Tuesday, the five most listened to songs are:
  • Long Shot (21 plays)
  • I Want You (19 plays)
  • All I Ever Wanted (17 plays)
  • Ready (16 plays)
  • Already Gone (15 plays)
And what is my least played track of the disc?
Why that would the first single My Life Would Suck Without You, mostly because I played this song adnauseum before the CD even came out.
Let the Kelly Clarkson detox begin

Mike Morrison