>Ok. Picture this:
Veronica Mars..I mean Kristen Bell.
-Judd Apatow
-Paul Rudd
-Kenneth from 30 Rock

Pretty much perfect right? Too good to be true? Nope. It’s all true. And on April 18th we get to watch all of it in all of it’s glory on the big screen.

The world is slowing discovering Kristen Bell. Whether it be from Veronica Mars, Elle on Heroes or the voice of Gossip Girl. Of course, we are ignoring Pulse. Because that obviously doesn’t count. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is going to make Kristen Bell HUGE. Soon we’ll be saying Izzy who?

Below is the red-band trailer for the new movie. And in case you don’t know what red-band trailer means, you’ll know by the end of it. Let’s just say it’s racy and it’s not the version they show in theatres. If you are at work? Turn the speakers down low.

Mike Morrison