>With every going on in the world it is sometimes hard to figure everything out. That is why movies like The Diary of Anne Frank, which is celebrating it’s 50th anniversary, are important.

Out on DVD/BluRay today the movie is one of the most important of our times. And even though it was made before many of our born, it is of the 13 year old girl trying to figure it all out, while living with her family in an attic during WWII. Talk about complicated.
The real reason is to re-visit this movie is to see it again in high definition and the all new special features including commentary with Millie Perkins who plays Anne Frank.
There are also 7 new featurettes that allow you to be apart of the movie’s process that was one of the most closely watched productions for it’s time. How delicately they handled the precious material that is Anne’s diary is truly wondrous.
While not your typical summer movie fair, The Diary of Anne Frank will always be that poignant reminder of how much we all have and how easily we can lose everything.

Mike Morrison