>Sometimes I realize how much luck I have. Sometimes I wonder where am I going. Other times I question what the hell, I’m doing. And then there are the times when I’m sitting in the fifth row of Celebrity Duets (only 2 rows behind Kathy Griffen) watching Marie Osmond walk out, only to be followed by the likes of Little Richard, Michelle Williams (Destiny’s Child) and Lucy Lawless, that I clinch my VIP credentials and think, screw it! I don’t care whats in store for me, cause right now its all about Celebrity Duets.

I’ve spent the last several days in L.A. and it was some of the most exciting experiences I have ever…well…experienced.

When we first arrived on monday, I was exhausted from the whirlwind moving tour. However as soon as I could see the lights of L.A, I was immediatly energized, maybe I was fueled by the energy that one feels when they are flying into the place where thousands fly into every day in hopes of fulfilling their dreams and fantasys. Or maybe it was all the pop I drank on the flight. Either way I was fucking pumped! I saw the Hollywood sign! I mean, I really saw it! I couldn’t believe that it was right there!

After checking into our hotel, we were presently surprised to find out that our movie was once the set of Arnold’s “True Lies”. After grabbing a quick bite to eat in a train/restaurant called “Carnies” we took a quick drive around Beverley Hills, Rodeo Drive, Sunset Blvd and Santa Monica Blvd. I think the total times that I uttered the word “Wow” was last estimated at 4563.

The next morning we braved L.A. traffic and headed to the Santa Monica Pier. I couldn’t believe that just yesterday I was sitting in my boring stuffy office job and now I was swimming in the pacific ocean and enjoying the white sandy beaches.

That night was the reason why we headed to L.A in the first place. Celebrity Duets. It was so fun to go through the VIP entrance, and have my name of lists. I mean, I know they were completly materialistic feelings, but I felt satisfied, oh yes I did!

Once through the gates we were quickly whispped through several doors and tents and were finally given our all access credentials.

The show was amazing. It really really was, every now and then I was got off guard by my surroundings and I actually teared up on several occassions. I couldn’t believe that I was being sooo lucky to watch what I was watching and experience what I was experiencing. Again, I know that for some of you, this type of show isn’t what you would consider particularly important or even interesting, but for a pop culture buff like myself, this was IT!

We were definatly the biggest Chris Jericho fans in the house, he got us the tickets after all. Which made it even more awkward when he got the boot from the judges. It was lucky we went to that show, cause for Chris there would be no other. It was again, another interesting experience to be in Chris’ dressing room as the judges, producers and other celebrities came to give their condolences, some sincere some not. As Chris left the room to do press, we were free to raid his gift bags and try on his clothes. After the rifling we went to watch the celebrities do their interviews. It was so fun to see Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition and Access Hollywood interview Chris, and of course I grabbed some of the celebrities attention as they walked by for a quick photo opp.

The whole night was something I never ever want to forget.

More on the L.A adventures to continue soon. Too tired to finish tonight.

Mike Morrison

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