>After a lazy Sunday of floating down the Elbow River with some friends there is nothing better to do than sit down and catch up on some good ol’ Tivo. (Especially when you are under a severe Tornado watch)

The first thing I noticed when surfing through my TIVO list is that teaching my nephew how to tell TIVO what shows you like was a mistake. You see, you can give shows Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down and Tivo will tape shows for you that are similar to the ones you give Thumbs Up to. The problem being that my 7 year old nephew thought it would be funny to go through the entire Kids TV line up and give it Thumbs Up, which means that I have to surf through hours and hours of Diego, Dora and the Doodlebops. Good thing he is cute.

Between filtering the shows that are four 4 year olds, one of my favorite finds is Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare. I think TIVO taped it for me because I’m a fan of Chef Ramsay’s other show Hell’s Kitchen. Nightmare is a British show that airs on the Food Network and follows Chef Ramsay as he attempts to find and help failing restaurants. The thing I like about this show is that Ramsay is still as rough and abbraisive as ever but he is also sincere in his concern for these restaurants. He’s almost a complete 180 degree turn from the Ramsay we know and love on Hell’s Kitchen. Luckily we’ll be treated to more Ramsay this fall when FOX begins airing American episodes of Kitchen Nightmare. An added bonus? FOOD TV doesn’t bleep out all of Gorden’s bad words!

Another find is Big Brother 8. I know, I know Big Brother sucks, but they’ve put arch nemisis in the same house and is there anything better to watch when The Weather Network is warning of deadly lightening (!)

What I love most about TIVO is that it tapes shows I didn’t even know were on. Remember the wonderful dating show Average Joe? You know the one where a beautiful woman has to date a bunch of Average Joes as opposed to the greek gods that usually appear on dating shows. Well a couple weeks ago the Slice network (formerly Life) started re-airing the first season. Man, I never realized how much I actually missed this show. I love how Melina actually falls for some of the guys. Gives me some hope eh?

Now the sky has darkened over and I think I’m going to head to the basement. God, I hope my TIVO makes it through the storm!

Mike Morrison