Well I don’t know even know what we did to deserve this honour, but when Titanic 3D sails into theatres this April, we lucky Canadians will get to see it first…by one day.

Canadians from coast to coast will be the first people in the world to get a sneak peek at the re-release of the movie that turned Leo and Kate into huge stars!  On April 2nd, we’ll be able to see the Real3D one-night only special advance screenings that will take place at 6:30pm at select 3D movie theaters across the country!  Buying tickets to the screening will also score you  a collectors edition pair of Titanic RealD 3D glasses and a limited-edition Titanic movie art lithograph!

The same event will take place in the USA the next day.

Here is the complete listing of Canadian theatres showing the special screening.

Because I’m so stoked to see this movie, I for one will be taking advantage of this one day special screening.  I know that it’s just another way for James Cameron to make more money, but I’ve always loved this movie, so any chance I get to see it again, is fine by me.  When it came out in 1997, I was a teenager living in Fredericton.  We only had one movie theatre and if you remember correctly, Titanic was the #1 movie from December until April.  That’s insane.  I actually saw the movie 8 times in theatres. EIGHT.

Fun fact that I just happen to have in my head: Lost in Space was the film that finally sunk Titanic at the box office.

So are you excited for the re-release? Who still cries when they think about the old couple drowning in bed together?

Mike Morrison


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