Dear Denny: Please die. Enough is enough. It has been almost a year since I was curled up on my couch and bawled like a little sissy over your death on Grey’s Anatomy. I cried even more the second and third time I watched you die on repeats. Since you tragic death your name has been mentioned in nearly every episode of Grey’s. Hell they even named a clinic after you. My sister spent alot of time in the hospital and all she got was a phobia of all things jello. Dearest denny how am I supposed to mourn you if you don’t go away? I thought when we saw you in February that would be the last of it. You got to say goodbye to Izzy posthumously and then walked into the bright white light. But then tonight I turn on my TV and there you are. (Ok it was already on, but I’m trying to catch up on my TIVO.) You even stole Bartender Joe’s job as recap-guy and as much as I liked you, you are dead. Joe is not.

To review, you are dead. Please leave.

Thank you,


Mike Morrison