If you didn’t watch this week’s How I Met Your Mother, don’t worry I haven’t watched all season either, then you missed a Canadian extravaganza that featured everyone from Getty Lee to Gino Vanelli and Paul Schaffer, with references to MuchMusic, the loonie, the Grey Cup and pretty much everything in between.

But one cameo caught the attention of a particular company, with hilarious results.

During the episode, numerous Canadian celebrities told stories of where they were during the fictional “Robin Sparkles” meltdown that was featured in the show. More specifically, which Tim Hortons they were at and what doughnut they were eating. Jason Priestley  appeared and admitted that he was Squamish, B.C eating a Timbit crammed into a strawberry vanilla, thus inventing The Priestley.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, Tim Hortons went ahead and invented it in real life.

Priestley’s response was almost just as priceless.


Sadly Tim Hortons has said they don’t plan on actually selling The Priestley, telling The Toronto Star that it was merely “…a fun way for our PR and social media team to respond to Jason Priestley’s tweet.”

But don’t get too upset, just yet. The excitement for the doughnut has definitely caused a ton of excitement for the coffee chain and more specifically, the Priestley. On a CBC poll, 78% of the respondents said they’d want to try this doughnut. That’s a huge number that I don’t know if Tim Hortons can ignore.

It does look good though.

Here’s the scene featuring all the Canadian celebs!

Mike Morrison

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