This past weekend, I finally got to see in concert the fantastic electric music duo, Thunderheist. I’ve always been told I have a small butt, and now I can officially say that I danced the rest of it away. The show was amazing and I was a hot sweaty mess and I loved every minute of it.
Sadly, the night was capped off with some sad news when the married duo of Grahm Zilla (from Montreal) and MC Isis (from Toronto) announced that at the end of 2009, they’d be taking a hiatus. This.sucks.
They didn’t really say why they were taking a hiatus, but maybe it is to with wanting to have some Thunderbabies? That would be the coolest dancing babies since Ally McBeal.
If you are looking for a new CD to add to you music library, can I suggest their self-titled disc. It’s perfect for the getting through your workout, or if you are like me, perfect for driving by the gym, on your way to McDonalds.
And if you hear they are coming to your city, make sure you check them out, before it’s too late!

Mike Morrison