We all know animals are the only reasons videos exist.  Whether it’s capturing a crazy dog or a silly cat, I can honestly say that most of my time on YouTube is spent looking at animal videos.

This week, I added another video to my collection, as a particularly excitable dog visited the set of Global Edmonton, particularly the segment of weather man Mike Sobel.  As someone who used to work in TV, I can tell that people behind the scenes love nothing more than when an animals does something unpredictable. And Ripple, a cute but big 18-month-old mastiff mix, was certainly unpredictable.  As we were watching this video, someone said: “Why doesn’t he just let go?”  The answer: Cause Sobel knows it’s good TV. The version of the video already has one millions views alone:

After watching Ripple try to help with doing the weather, it reminded of perhaps my favourite video of all time.  It’s from a few years ago when BC’s SPCA was doing their regular adoption segment on another Global Station.  As you might suspect, it doesn’t go according to plan, in fact, it turns into an all-out lick-a-thon and anytime I”m in a grumpy mood, this video gets me to laugh to the point of tears:


But dogs taking over Global doesn’t stop there. Two years ago, a little dog named Storm decided to that the Global Toronto anchor Leslie Roberts needed a little help. It’s a blink and you miss it moment, but Storm is definitely a cutie:

Mike Morrison


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