>Apple’s Genius: This is the newest application from the software giant and it actually might be one of my favorites. It was a rough week for me after I saw that Steve Jobs slashed the price of Itouchs in half thus making my 16GB Ipod as relevant as Kirk Cameron. But then I turned on my Itunes store and there was this whole new application called Genius. As with all my relationships, I was selfish and didn’t want to try something new, but I gave it a whirl and it was instant love. To explain it as simply as possible, Genius basically looks at your entire music library (not just the ones downloaded legally), then you select any song and click the Genius button. All of a sudden you have a playlist of all the similar songs in your library, thus making the perfect play list for whatever mood your are in. Think: “If you like this, then you’ll love this” but only with the music you’ve already paid for (or waited patiently for Lime Wire to download). I love Genius because it means when I put in on shuffle, I know longer have to worry that a song from Les Miserables or Big:The Musical is going to pop up and embarrass me more than I already do every day.

ABC’s Wipeout: If I see this show on TV, I will literally stop everything and watch it. I was trying to describe to a friend last night why I loved it so much and I couldn’t really nail down a reason, aside from the fact that it is just fun, innocent and uncomplicated. Plus, when I was in University I absolutely loved Spike’s MXE Challenge of which Wipeout is a cousin of. I don’t know if this show is going to be playing through the fall, but when it returns for it’s second season make sure you check it out, it’s the most family friendly stuff on TV since Fun House. Ahhhh Fun House. Wipeout’s season finale (Top 25 moments) ares tonight, but fret not, it’s already been renewed!
Zak and Mimi Make A Porno posters: The movie has been gathering a TON of buzz and not for the movie itself, but for the posters…..of which I imagine will make a lot of people nervous and make Judd Apatow a LOT of money. The first one was

Mike Morrison