As you’ve likely heard by now, the NHL lockout is over. And if you’re just finding out right now, my blog really shouldn’t be your main source of news. Either way, there’s lots of NHL fans who are promising to punish the hockey league by either boycotting this season or greatly cutting back their support. Which, if I cared about hockey, is something that I would definitely do.

So if you’re one of those people, I thought I’d do up a list of alternatives to hockey that are just as fun, and don’t feature a single millionaire.

Watch Mr. D.
Easily one of the funniest comedies (Canadian or otherwise) on TV, Mr. D makes it’s triumphant return to CBC on Monday night. It’s been a long seven months, since the show finished its very successful first season and I’m hoping people who may have missed it, have caught up on Netflix or DVD.

Mr. D is based on the comedy of Gerry Dee and it follows him as an unqualified teacher who tries to make his way by faking it as a teacher. Who hasn’t had a supply teacher like that? The inside joke is of course that Dee was once a teacher before (thankfully) turning to comedy. If you’re looking for original comedy, look no further.

Listen to Serena Ryder
If you haven’t downloaded Serena Ryder’s Harmony with the iTunes gift card you likely got for Christmas, well then you’re really missing out. I didn’t get a round to making a Top 10 list for 2012, but if I did, this album would have easily taken the top two spots. One spot would have gone to the album’s first single “Stompa” which might very well turn into the “Call Me Maybe” of 2013. The other spot belong to the album itself, which is packed with songs that are just as good as “Stompa,” with “What I Wouldn’t Do” and “Mary Go Round” being two of my favourites, though that changes every time I listen to Harmony.

I don’t know how much y’all trust me, but if you were ever going to trust me, do it with this piece of advice: Buy Harmony. It’s that simple.

See Billy Elliot: The Musical
I think I got bit by the Broadway bug. Ever since my trip to NYC last week, I’ve become obsessed with seeing any sort of musical I can. Actually, I was like that long before New York. One of the shows I’m most excited about seeing this year is Broadway Across Canada’s production of Billy Elliot. I saw the show a few years ago in Chicago and it’s definitely on my list of great Broadway shows. And I’m not the only one. When it premiered on Broadway, the show took home ten Tony awards! Since seeing it, I’ve been counting the hours until I can see it again. The show is touring coast to coast this year. Right now, it is playing in Ottawa, then, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.

I’ve always loved Broadway shows, but I totally understand that they are not for everyone. I’m here to tell you that Billy Elliot is for everyone. I can’t imagine any type of person going to this show and not being stirred, moved and left in awe. If this production is going anywhere near you,

So what about you? What are your suggestions for people who deserve an alternative to hockey?

Mike Morrison

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  1. I agree! Mr D. is a great comedy and I’m happy to hear it is returning tonight. I’ll definitely tune in.

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