>Alberta has always been a really funny place. Of course by funny, I mean obsessively conservative.

We have had the same Provincial government since 1971. That is the same year that The French Connection was the number one movie and All in the Family debuted on television. Now most people, in Alberta, consider this a good thing. It means that we are proud of our politicians and we consider it honorable that they have stuck around so long, obviously confusing the ideas of marriage and politics.
While it is a neat statistic, maybe it isn’t such a good idea that Alberta has become so stagnate for those interested in running for office in Wild Rose country. Out of all the leaders in Canada only Stephan Dion has dared stepped onto what some deem sacred land.
But how boring is that? And more importantly how democratic is that? We don’t wear the same clothes, listen to the same music or use the same technology from the 70’s so why are we using the same party.
This blog isn’t meant to be anti-conservative, but think of it as anti-longevity. There are many things that we would like to stay the same over long periods of time: our friends, our hair and waist lines, but our political parties? Not so much.

Mike Morrison