>Last night’s Grey’s Anatomy reminded of several things that I felt like sharing:

  •  If a main character is supposed to be dying and no body cares, can’t a rogue ambulance just run her over? Especially when she is standing in the middle of the road for 10 minutes.
  • George used to be the show’s best character and now he just runs around and gets about two scenes each week. No wonder T.R Knight wants out.
  • The better than usual episode also reminded me how much I love Bon Iver. They are the band that played during the surgery montage. So great. The song that played was called Blindsided.
  • Chandra Wilson (Bailey) has never ever been better.
  • Any guesses what Meredith said to Christina? My guess is: watermelon kangaroo. But I’m just guessing.
  • I was this close to crying after watching Meredith at the execution, then I realized it was because I was drinking expired milk.  I too thought it was a strange reaction.

Mike Morrison