>So….what did you think!?!

Hours before the new series 90210 debut, I got nervous. Maybe it was the 12 hours of the old show that I watched yesterday, but I was worried about the hype.

But if you asked me, I think it lived up to the hype fore than most people will have expected. I loved all the shout-outs to the old show!

-Brandon is in Belize!
-Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez is at West Beverly and “looks thirty years old” (like mother, daughter).
-Silver isn’t David’s daughter but is instead Kelli’s much younger sister!
-The Peach Pit is now The Pit and is still run by Nate!
-Brenda is back and is….nice but with bad teeth.
-Kelli has a son! I wonder who the baby daddy on the other side of the phone was? Brandon? Dylan? Nate?

As for the new cast, I thought Shanae Grimes did a great job as Annie, the new girl at West Beverly. In the two hour pilot she was already way more interesting then she ever was as Darcy on Degrassi: TGN. It’s probably thanks to the fact that she has wicked cool parents and one hell of a drunken grandmother.

So what did you think? I thought it was a great guilty pleasure and different enough from Gossip Girl that I won’t feel like I am watching the same show twice. It’s already season passed on my Tivo. Will you be watching again?

And if I haven’t convinced you that

Mike Morrison