Featured photo is of Carol Todd, who lost her daughter Amanda to cyber-bullying.

This post is sponsored by TELUS. 


How are you doing?

How about your brain? Your heart?  It’s totally okay if you’re not doing okay. I totally have those days. We all do.

To me, that’s the message of #WorldMentalHealthDay, a day dedicated to the discussion of mental health.    Over the past few years, I’ve noticed a big increase in people talking more and more about Mental Health, which is a big improvement over the years where we going to a therapist meant that we were “crazy.”  It’s amazing when I watch shows from the 90s and they talk about therapy, it’s always used as a punchline. Which no doubt added to the stigma that people shouldn’t stay on top of their mental health, because it meant something was wrong with them.


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Proudly wearing my comfiest purple sweater today in honour of #worldmentalhealthday. I’ve noticed more and more people having open and honest discussions around mental health, but we still have a long way to go, especially when we take about young adults. I read earlier this week that in a new study, LGTBQ youth are three times more likely to commit suicide than heterosexual youth. Trans youth are SIX times more likely. We have to take care of ourselves and our friends and neighbors. Especially in the day of social media. I partner with @telus throughout the year, but today I’m particularly proud to be a member of #TeamTelus, and help get the message out about mental health. Wanna know how you can help? Please visit www.Telus.com/Wise for more info. #sponsored (but like I would have talked about it anyway.) 🏳️‍🌈💜

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But I think today, we live in a world where people are feeling more and more open talking about mental health.

As you might know, I’ve been partnering with TELUS this year, and one of the reasons I really enjoy it is that they are a company that focus on mental health each and every single day.

Their TELUS Wise website helps teach people of all how ages on how they can take on the very serious issue of cyber-bullying and other important issues online reputation management, social media privacy and what apps parents should watch out for. There’s also information and help for teaching our parents and grandparents about online safety, even when it comes to online dating.  All of these issues can significantly impact one’s mental health.

If you’re like me and spend your days online, it can be easy to forget that for most of the world, the online experience is still very causal. Which means they are necessarily tuned into all the scams out there.

The TELUS Wise website is designed to help everyone from the internet beginner to experts who make a living on the internet, make sure that they are making smart decisions, but also how to fix mistakes when they inevitablys happen.

It really is an incredible resource.

TELUS even offers free workshops to groups and business who need to educate and empower themselves to stay safe in our digital world. You can sign up here.

And before you leave the website, be sure to take the pledge to be a better digital citizen. I think it’s something we should strive towards! Plus for every pledge, TELUS will donate a dollar to programs who aim to end bullying.


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