If you are like me, it’s around this time of year that you get accidently drunk more than any other time of year. Meeting a friend for a drink or dropping by the library usually ends up with you having to take a cab home, which in turn ends up getting pretty expensive.

So it’s nice to see that companies like Telus have decided to take pity on my dwindling pocket book by offering free cabs!  Yeah, you read that right. Free. Cabs.  Starting this weekend, a fleet of TELUS branded taxis will storm the streets of Calgary offering free rides and phone calls to anyone–whether they are last minute shoppers or holiday party-goers. From December 18 to December 25, ten TELUS branded taxis will cruise Calgary’s downtown between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. Whether it’s to the store around the corner or to a festive evening out, Calgarians will have the opportunity to take advantage of this perk from TELUS. En route, passengers will also be offered a free holiday call anywhere in North America.

The TELUS taxi’s are driving into other cities across Canada including; Vancouver , Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto and Montreal to bring a helping hand to shoppers across Canada.  I have a call in to see if these cabs will drive me to Vancouver, Edmonton or Montreal, stand by for details.

I’ve never really heard of a promotion like this, very cool and very festive.  Now who wants some egg nog?

Mike Morrison