>Most of my “Calgary based’ blogs get posted on The Calgary Herald website called The Q. I’m always anxious to read what Calgarians will comment on because as you may have noticed, I like to stir up the pot. Especially cause Calgarians get upset over the silliest things. (I still insist that Drumhellor is an eyesore.

Last week I wrote about Calgary cancelling this year’s Santa Clause parade due to construction of The Bow, what will be western Canada’s highest office tower. It too was posted on the Herald blog and this week I noticed it got one comment, and I”m going to honest with you, this comment kinda scares me. Maybe I gotta learn to keep my mouth/keyboard shut.

For you reading pleasure, with my snarky comments added in of course. (I think the last line is my favorite):


Frank being Frank said:

Sure the Santa Claus Parade is off this year. Lets make the best of it for the sake of the children of this city and surrounding areas. (Since when is Santa for the children? I want my damn gifts!) Look at it from a different view. Instead of Santa going by when your on the street for the parade, the kids will be able to participate in different events. (Like selling their bodies is the sketchiest part of Calgary-where the event is taking place) As you did mention about other festivals, They do plan to have activities for kids. This is a family event.
Before you critize anything you should know all the facts. Is’nt that reporting ? Reporting the facts. (Um, I’m not a reporter, I’m a blogger, we have zero qualifications)
Did you mention WHEN the event at Olypic Plaza was or WHAT Time, WHERE else they could go And WHO they could see, ask questions of and WHY they would maybe have fun. Your opinion is negitive of everything.(
What! that is so not true….wait maybe it is) It is so easy to pick on and blame others.(I know right?!)
This is WHY we do not read the Hearld WHEN slanderous people as youself write defamitory articles.(I totally understand, I don’t even subscribe to the Herald, too expensive)
It is easy to be tough on people, but it takes a real man to be nice and create or suggest postive alternatives, investigate, report. Tell people Who,WHAT, WHERE,WHEN, WHY basic grade 1 writing instructions (I thought Grade 1 was colouring)
Frank being Frank (It’s weird that he puts his name again in the middle of his comments no?)
You blame the City (yes), Encana (yes) and also make fun of the young Canadians (they really bring it upon themselves). just who do you like (
Does Friday Night Lights count as a person?). Perhaps you should move, but I think you like it here so you can criticize everyone and everything.
May God bless you Michael as no one else would. ! (Ouch, for a guy who is mad because I’m negative, doesn’t this come off as I bit…um… negative?)

Mike Morrison


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