VANCOUVER, BC: AUGUST 18, 2016 - The Telus Future Home at the PNE August 18, 2016 in Vancouver, Canada. Photo by Jeff Vinnick/CNW

This post was written in partnership with TELUS.

For the past couple of months, we’ve been renovating a house in my dream neighbourhood of Sunnyside. We wanted to find a house that had history to it, but that we could help bring to the modern world. What does that mean exactly? We wanted a house with lots of character, but fill it with cool gadgets and tech. Because, let’s face it, much of the stuff we saw on The Jetsons is either here, or just around the corner.

For the next couple of weeks, Calgarians will get to experience what exactly is in store for our homes by visiting the TELUS Future Home, which is set up at the Sunridge Mall (outside of the old Target). The traveling concept home showcases some of the most cutting-edge technology available today and provides a sneak peek at smart-home innovations on the horizon.

Since we bought our home a few months ago, we’ve spent our days checking out cool technology, so we were excited to see what would soon be available to make our lives safer, healthier and more efficient than ever before.


The 585-square-foot Future Home, powered by TELUS PureFibre™, is designed to demonstrate innovative concept technology. Here’s some of my favourite features and how they’ll make our leaves easier.

  • Biometric security systems will allow us to lock and unlock our homes using facial recognition; keeping our homes safer and more secure. Plus, you’ll be able to let people you want in to the house, even if you’re not there. Perfect for friends who get home before you do or the cat sitter.
      • We’re terrible at cooking, but we’re convinced that if we knew more about food and recipes, we’d be better at it. The Future Home features this incredibly cool smart fridge that plans your menus while smart cooktops guides you through new recipes with step-by-step instructions! It even calculates the nutritional value of our meals. I honestly think I’d eat better if technology would gently shame me into it. This one excites me a lot.



VANCOUVER, BC: AUGUST 18, 2016 - The Telus Future Home at the PNE August 18, 2016 in Vancouver, Canada. Photo by Jeff Vinnick/CNW
Photo by Jeff Vinnick/CNW


      • Since I, and thousands of Canadians, work from home, I’m super interested in the home-office of the future. The Future Home features an interactive touch table, which keeps track of your work, your schedule and can help you video conference, and send documents and photos within seconds. This sort of technology extends far beyond work, soon we’ll be able to have appointments with our doctors without having to leave our home. Which is life-changing for those with mobility issues. Now, if only we could somehow do that with the dentist.



  • The technology that we’ve been most interested in adding to our house is the security and cameras, mostly so we can spend our hours watching Mindy (our kitty) play while we’re away. The technology is becoming easier and more affordable, and soon with a click of a button on our cell phones, we’ll be able to remotely monitor our homes, plants and pets. Yes, I just said plants. You’ll have to go to the house to see it.

  • And, of course, the best part of any house is the home entertainment system! TVs and DVRs have been getting sleeker and better seemingly by the weeks. And now, the next-generation home entertainment will be enjoyed through virtual reality and the movie-theatre experience. The Future Home features a truly lifelike 4K ultra HD Optik TV experience that is brought to life on an awe-inspiring 78” Samsung Curved UHD TV. I could have stayed there for hours. And the best part is, this technology exists today! 4K TVs have come down dramatically in price over the last year, and just last month TELUS became the first (and only) TV provider to offer 4K TV in Western Canada.

For those wanting to visit the TELUS Future Home, it is in Calgary until Tuesday, August 30. The home is open to the public between 11:00am – 7:00pm daily.

Mike Morrison