> If there is one thing I hate, I mean besides…..According to Jim, Old people with backpacks, couples who hold hands and then stay in the middle of the sidewalks and whoever cancelled Arrested Development, besides those…its Groundhogs Day. I’ll admit it, I have a huge HATE on for this day. It literally serves no purpose. I know I could easily look up the history of this day, but why? What will I find? That some sad colony in the 1800s needed something to look forward so they made up this stupid day. The feeling that Groundhogs day gives me is the one that you get in your chest, you know right in the middle, its a little tension ball. It’s the same feeling I get when I hear of people telling other people wrong movie info, or when people think I’m anything older than 25. (I’m 24.)

I know this is two bitter rants in a row, yesterday’s was un-expected where today…today I knew would happen. Every freakin’ February 2nd that little rodent pokes his head up and we are supposed to throw a freaking parade. Whatever, I’m not buying it. I blame Al Gore.

Mike Morrison