>Reading about Alberta’s new budget surplus made very sad. I mean yes, obviously it is great for the province that we can be so prosperous, but wasn’t it just last week that the province said they were getting close to going broke?

If an $8.5 Billion is nearly going broke, I am in deep doo doo. Yikes. Never mind my Visa and Line of Credit I’ve maxed just to live in this “struggling” city. How rude am I to think that I wouldn’t mind a little help when the province is so very close to going into debt itself. Bad blogger, bad!

No wonder the province isn’t sympathetic towards renters in this city. They’ve got their own problems to worry about. I almost feel bad for thinking ill will towards Ed Stelmach and the rest of Burger Palace Boys. How can they possibly be thinking about us when they have to figure out some way to spend all that money? That cannot be an easy job.

What with the decrepit schools, embarrassing transit system and100s of homeless and soon to be (hello renters in Mission), what is a government to do!?

Thank goodness Stampede is just a little ways away. Don’t worry Ed, if I win the Stampede lottery, I will totally go Dutch with you !

Mike Morrison