When I heard that a Calgarian had been named the hottest man in the world, I was instantly curious to who it could have been. I mean, sure we all have our Calgary crushes, but to think we live in the same city as the world’s hottest man?

I initially thought it was Mayor Naheed Nenshi, who was regularly crowned Sexiest Calgarian by the now defunct FFWD magazine.  But it turns out it wasn’t him. So who was it? Well it’s Aussie bobsledder Simon Dunn, who lives and trains right here in Calgary!

Dunn was voted #1 by the readers of Attitude magazine, which is a publication in the UK. And the voting was intense, according to Attitude, this year’s survey saw more votes cast than ever before.

This was Dunn’s first time on the list, let alone at #1 and he beat out some stiff competition. Ahem.

Here’s the complete Top 10:
1. Simon Dunn [new]
2. Channing Tatum
3. Liam Payne (One direction)
4. Tom Daley
5. Chris Evans
6. Chris Pratt
7. Zac Efron
8. David Beckham
9. Stuart Reardon (Professional rugby player)
10. Joe Lycett (Comedian)

That’s quite the range. So what did the openly gay athlete do to make it to the top?  I’ll let you decide:

Trying to find photos from the @attitudemag hot 100 party were I don’t look drunk #failing

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Canada Day 2.0 A photo posted by Simon Dunn (@bobsleighsimon) on

Buff at the Bow!

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It's good to be back training and pushing sleds!

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Mike Morrison