So the United States finally fixes their government and what does Canadian’s government decide to do? Well pretty much put itself in the pooper. The talk of a coalition government is ALL that anyone is talking about and now quite frankly I’m sick of it. Especially when there is so much worse going on in the world.

Things worse than a coalition government:

1. According to Jim premiered on Tuesday for it’s 8th season. Arrested Development lasted three.
2. Pushing Daisies has been canceled for two weeks and this is the first time I am able to truly talk about it. This was the best show on television and it literally hurts in places I didn’t know I had feelings.
3. I can’t believe Kristen Stewart (Bella from Twilight) is now a movie star. She has the personality of my rusted bedpost.
4. Metallica was in Calgary tonight and booked 50 rooms at the Sheraton. How many whores does one band need?
5. When Celebrity Apprentice returns in the new year, all of it’s episodes will be 2-hours long. Sweet Tv-god i wish this was a joke. Find me two people who watch this show. Seriously, this is just ridiculous.

All this stuff on parliament hill doesn’t seem so bad now does it?

You’re welcome.

Mike Morrison