>~ Sunjaya, Sunjaya, Sunjaya. You are one lucky lucky bastard. You have been given more chances than you’ve changed your hair. I honestly didn’t know that Vote for the Worst had this much power. But apparantly they do. And I have to learn to respect that. Starting next week I will refer to him only as Samosa. But I wanted to make sure this isn’t racist. Is it?

~Shohreh Aghdashloo guest stars on Grey’s Anatomy tonight. For those of you who don’t recognize that name she played Dina, the terrorist soccer mom with a heart of 24 two seasons ago. Although we’ve never seen her actually die I’m holding out for her to come back crush Jack Bauer. But in the mean time I’ll watch try to deal with Meredith seriously no one can kill me not even a huge ferry explosion or being under water for 30 minutes, I should be on Heroes” Grey.

~I’m going to Christina Aguilera tonight and I couldn’t be more excited. It will be such a blast. Like her or leave her you can’t deny that she is a performer! Stayed tuned tonight for pics and posts!

~It looks like I might have my passport in time for Hawaii. The last couple of nights I’ve had “nightmares” about my trip. One I snuck onto the plane, only to find out I left my wallet in that little grey tray they put through the metal detector. Luckily I woke up.

~I’m happy to report that The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll got worse ratings on tuesday than the last new episode of Veronica Mars. This bodes well for my little sleuth. That’s right, she is mine. I own her. You don’t.

~Lost was good last night. Who knew?

That’s all for now. I’ll tell Christina you say HI!

Mike Morrison