>It’s Thanksgiving Monday. You know what that means? Relaxing, TIVO, walks by the river and paying bills. Ahh the holidays.

Every year around this time we become reflective of what we are thankful for. We sit around the table with our families and think back on the year that has passed and talk about giving thanks. Well since I live 5000kms from my family, here I sit on my couch with my Mac. Some people might feel bad/sad for me, those people told know my family. You know that show Brothers and Sisters? Yeah, it’s sorta like that.

So here is what I am thankful for:
-I am thankful for my mom, who has helping me come home for christmas. (and yes mom that relieves you of 2 months of phones calls. Too bad you have to make up for 2 years.)

-I am thankful for Kristin Wiig on Saturday Night Live. Man, that girl is funny. (How do they not crack up during this?)

-I am thankful for the Edmonton Film Festival. They just awarded my friend Jeremy’s movie, Best Canadian Feature. Honestly guys, I saw it in Edmonton this weekend and it was FUNNY. I hope that it gets picked up because with The Gameplan claiming the #1 movie two weeks in a row, god knows Hollywood needs a refreshing comedy. Congrats Jeremy.

-I am thankful for the bottle of wine my mom was drinking when she agreed to cough up some plane ticket money.

-I am thankful for The Spencers. Because they always pick up the phone. Of course Zach or Bri usually hang up, but I still love ’em.

-I am thankful that Canadian elections aren’t as long as American ones. Seriously, can you believe we still have to listen to campaign talk for another 13 months. Isn’t there a missing girl or suicidal wrestler we should be hearing about.

-I am thankful for 1-hour episodes of The Office. ‘Nuff said, it is just perfect.

Well that is it! I hope everyone is enjoying left over turkey and if you don’t get the day off, I hope you at least take an extra long coffee break, or steal a stapler or something.

Mike Morrison