The summer is in full swing. The weather is beautiful, gas prices continue to spike, my legs look like a checkerboard of mosquito bites, my slight tan actually makes me look relatively healthy and I spend more hours on my patio more than any other room in my apartment.

But I still miss TV.

Actually, more specifically I miss Pushing Daisies. You probably don’t remember this show because it finished it’s new episodes back in November and hasn’t been back since the writers strike.

Thankfully this amazing show was picked up for a second season and it’s only a matter of months until my favorite new show comes back to make me smile in a way that only the Arrested Development theme song song.

I usually get sucked into Summer TV but this year has been different since there hasn’t been anything that has been that much of a draw. Sure I still like the mole, although all the “you’re the mole, no you are the mole, no I’m the mole, are you?” can get a little exhausting.

I’m also really liking ABC’s two shows Wipeout and I Survived a Japanese Game Show purely because they are just so ridiculous to watch. They remind of the good ol’ game shows without the back stabbing and lying that we have all grown to love/loathe on shows like Survivor and Big Brother (which comes back July 13th…regrettably.)

I also love that I say I don’t watch a lot of TV and then present a list of shows I’m watching this summer. Which begs the question: How much TV is normal? Actually, on second thought, don’t answer thought.

Mike Morrison

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