One of my favourite movie theatres in Calgary is in deep, deep trouble.

I went to The Uptown on Saturday afternoon to catch the eye-opening documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work and my friends and I were quickly informed that the theatre was open but that they  didn’t have heat. Which if you’ve been in Calgary in the last couple weeks, you know it is a problem. This city has been down-right chilly!

When we asked why there was no heat, the cashier told us it had been cut off!  And not because the art-house movie theatre wasn’t paying their bills.  Instead, the building’s owner allegedly is trying to force The Uptown out and has decided to try and freeze them out!  Isn’t that crazy?  Now I’ve seen every episode of Ally McBeal and I don’t think that is legal.  The owner of the theatre is apparantly a lawyer, so you can expect a fight until the bloody end.

In my opinion, it would be devastating to lose The Uptown as a movie theatre.  This city really only has three cinemas that regularly show independent movies and special features.  We literally cannot afford to lose The Uptown.  I hope this quickly blows over.

On the plus side, the theatre gave us some comfy blankets during the movie to keep us warm.  I guess it was kinda gross to share blankets with strangers, but it was so cozy, I couldn’t help but think of a really cool business idea.  Why doesn’t someone start selling blankets for like $10 at theatres!  That would be awesome!

Good luck Uptown!

(photo via FFWD)

Mike Morrison


  1. So is it a matter of the owner not turning on the heat yet because that’s in the lease, or is he actually trying to force them out, and won’t turn it on after October either?

  2. This was the case last year too. I was told that their lease states that the owner will heat the building beginning in October and not earlier, and it doesn’t matter how cold it is outside! It was cosy enough under my blanket, but it’s obvious that the relationship between the theatre and the owner isn’t great.

  3. They do that at movie theatres in Thailand. It’s like $16 a ticket but you get a pillow and blanket (in nice sanitary bags) AND they have leather couches with recliners as seats with cup holders, etc. You can pay for a single or double loveseat for snuggling! It’s awesome. We need this.

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