Six Canadians are now in the running to move to Mars!

Wait. What?

The Mars One thing is real? I thought it was just like a weird reality show or something. But yeah, it looks like the expedition has narrowed its final candidates down to the final 100. And there’s still six Canadians in the running. Of that one hundred, the list will next be cut down to the final 24. But for now, here are the six Canadians who have a shot.

They are:
Daniel Benjamin Criger, 28, Waterloo, Ont.

Karen Louise Cumming, 53, Burlington, Ont.

Reginald George Foulds, 60, Toronto

Andreea Lavinia Radulescu, 33, Toronto

Joanna Marjorie Hindle, 42 Whistler, B.C.

Susan Higashio Weinreich, 42, Vancouver

The first thing I thought when I saw this list? Not a single person from the east coast? Big mistake. If I was going to die on a far away planet, I would definitely want someone from Newfoundland to keep me company. I mean, what’s the point of colonizing a new planet if no one on that planet knows how to throw a kitchen party!

At stake is well, their lives. I don’t think there is a plan to come back. So, I guess it sucks for their families. Or maybe they’re families are relieved. It’s one way of getting rid of that annoying cousin.

According to CTV, Once the final 24 civilians are chosen, the $6-billion mission plan is to send a crew of four to depart Earth every two years, beginning in 2024. The project is being funded through private donors and sponsors.

This is so crazy. These Canadian know they’ll never be able to Roll Up The Rim again, right?  What a waste.

Mike Morrison

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