Jeopardy is often deemed one of the toughest game shows in the world, mostly because you have to be smart to be on it. Contestants often try out dozens of times before actually making the show, and even when they do, it doesn’t mean they actually do well. Many of tried, most have failed.

But there always seems to be one category that flubs everyone up. That category? Canada.

Yup, our home and native land is often the achilles heel to contestants who come so close to winning until they get asked questions about the home country of k.d. lang.

That was highlighted this week, when a whole category was dedicated to Canada and how did the contestants do? Bad. Real bad. Watch the video above.

But it’s not necessarily their fault. The questions were hard-ish. I didn’t know the answers (or questions) to two of them. (You’ll have to guess which ones.)

But, screwing up Canadian trivia is nothing new on Jeopardy, in fact, it happens more often than you think.

These contestants come close, but oh so far when trying to identify Alberta.

But it’s not just the humans that struggle with Canada, remember Watson? He was the computer that played the game and pretty much demolished everyone in it’s path. In one of the computer’s stranger moments, it made this epic mistake:

And if you’re on Jeopardy, make sure you can name the current Prime Minister of Canada.

Mike Morrison


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