Just a little internet tip for everyone out there.  Never leave your site unattended.

For reasons I don’t feel like divulging, I was on Canadian Idol’s Theo Tams website this morning and discovered the an error on the events page and thought I would screen  capture it.

Zero attendees!? While I don’t necessarily think that no one showed up to these events, (I’m at the very least a family member was there), to leave the site unattended and make it look like NO ONE showed up to his events? Yikes. Someone call a webmaster quick!

Also, I feel it important to recognize the four month difference between events.  Double Yikes.  Isn’t there a blueberry festival somewhere with a couple bucks to brings Tams in to perform?
Lastly, I do have to give props to Theo for being nominated for his Top 6 performance of Sweet Ones on Canadian Idol. He is up for the Gemini for “Best Performance or Host in a Variety Program or Series” next month.

Mike Morrison