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Did I ever tell you that I have a cat? I know, I know, I likely strike you as a dog person, but for rather romantic reasons, a cat came into my life last December and against every fibre of my being, I’ve fallen for her, mostly, because I find her hilarious. I mean, really, what do cats do all day? Well, I can report fairly confidently that they do nothing. Absolutely nothing, which is likely why she’s been getting a little, um, rotund.

The timing of Work It Kitty, the world’s first exercise video for kitties, couldn’t be better. The 1980’s inspired (sweatbands included) workout video designed exclusively for cats, features cathletes Banjo, Fritz, Harley, Pumpkin and Tom. Watch them lead your cat through some of the hottest feline fitness moves, such as ‘paw rotations’, jumping box squats’ and ‘paw extensions’.

Even if you don’t have a kitty, this video is pretty hilarious.

If you like your kitty work out videos with a little less camp, check out some other helpful get-fit tips:

-Fill a ball with treats and roll it around.
-Hide treats around your house and watch your cat hunt them down.
-Throw a ball back and forth with your friend/spouse.
-Use a laser pointer – your cat will chase that bright red dot for hours.
-Randomly leave treats on garden tables / low walls. Cats love to jump, and it’s a great way to maintain muscle tone.
-Alternate where treats are left to increase movement and hold interest levels.

Mike Morrison