Toronto has a bad reputation sometimes, but one improv group is trying to change that, one umbrella at a time.

Recently, on a very rainy day in Ontario’s capital city, Improv Toronto hung around the Bathurst subway station and helped out some very grateful Torontonians as they were caught off by the heavy rains. Carrying yellow umbrellas with them, improvers walked people in around the subway station, ensuring them that they got to their location just a little more dry.

It’s a great word of mouth campaign, especially because it’s so simple.  It’s a nice and easy way to make someone’s day and if you forget the fact that a shocking number of people ignore the weather forecast and leave their homes unprepared, it’s a ton of fun to watch.

I like the idea of a Umbrella Taxi service, do you think it’ll catch on?

Oh also, I need to get myself back to Toronto for a visit soon. One cannot see Honest Ed’s so many times and one video and not miss exploring that stores terrifyingly awesome basement.

Mike Morrison

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